We invite your comments and suggestions about the NetDemocracyGuide, and about your experiences with online political activity. In particular, we are interested in:

  • Any questions or topic that you hoped this Guide would answer, but it did not. Although we cannot respond to individual questions about how the campaign finance laws and regulation would apply to a given situation, please let us know what questions you still have after reading this Guide. If your questions might be generally applicable to others, we will try to incorporate them into the Guide.
  • Your experience with the campaign finance regulations as they impact your online political activity. We want to know if the regulations discourage you from speaking online, or in any way change how you engage in political conversation and discourse online. Did you engage in some activities, but not others, to avoid having to comply with campaign finance regulations? Did you not speak at all in some forum because of the rules? Or did the broad exemption for uncompensated Internet activity encourage you to become politically active online? The Center for Democracy & Technology has long fought to protect the rights of individuals to engage in online political speech, and if there is evidence of problems, we will work to change the rules to provide more protection.

Although we cannot respond to all individual messages, we read and appreciate all of your feedback.

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